Read It With Whiskey

Lisa Johnston, Wakeless

September 28, 2021 Laura Juntunen Episode 30
Read It With Whiskey
Lisa Johnston, Wakeless
Show Notes

Thank you so much for tuning in with the Read It With Whiskey podcast! We are speaking with Lisa Johnston, author of Wakeless.

In this interview, Lisa and I chat about the long journey this book had to go on to finally be published (it was 25 years in the making!). We also chat about world-building and the inspiration behind the setting/timeframe of the plot. There is also an amazing link between Wakeless and Oscillation Rising,  the second book in my series, The Shockwave. Listen in to hear all the juicy details!

If you want to watch the interview video and are not a Patron of the Read It With Whiskey podcast, then you should go sign up right now! The video content includes an exclusive piece (not in this audio version) about a FREEBIE Lisa has created to go along with her book - it's Really entertaining and you do not want to miss out! Watch the video content through Patreon to get the scoop.

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