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RIWW S1E17: Scott Dixon, Kid Vega and the Sorcerer of Mali

May 04, 2021 Laura Juntunen Season 1 Episode 17
Read It With Whiskey
RIWW S1E17: Scott Dixon, Kid Vega and the Sorcerer of Mali
Show Notes

Thank you so much for tuning in with the Read It With Whiskey podcast! In this episode, we meet Scott Dixon, a young adult author of Kid Vega and the Sorcerer of Mali.

In our interview, Scott and I speak about so many important factors when it comes to young readers and continuously making sure they are inspired to read as they grow up. Specifically, Scott hopes to reach the African American middle-grade boy with his stories of sci-fi, fantasy, and strong role-model attributes. Kid Vega is an action-packed, magical story about a young teenage boy thrown into huge responsibility and adventure!

Here is how to contact Scott and learn more about Kid Vega and the Sorcerer of Mali:

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